GPT Data Recovery

Supports Data Retrieval from GUID Partition Table

  • Easy navigation through Simple Graphical Interface
  • Recover all kinds of file formats from GPT partition
  • Capable to retrieve heavy loaded data from GPT partition
  • GPT data recovery is available in multiple modes – Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery.
  • Recover GUID Partition Table of all Windows Editions, including Windows 10 & 2016

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Version: 2.3
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How to Backup Deleted Files

Feature Set of GPT Data Recovery Software

Restore GPT Data

Proficient GPT Partition Recovery

The software is competent to recover GPT partitions gone due to deletion, formatting, system crashing, raw partition, virus attacks etc. Use this tool to retrieve data from GPT partition with complete success.

Recovery Option

Offers diversified GPT Data Recovery Options

The software provides 3 different options for recovering data from GPT : Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery. Choose any of these modes, as per your needs.

Recover GUID Deleted Data

GPT Deleted Data Recovery

This mode of GPT Data Recovery software recovers deleted data, whether done accidently or deliberately, doesn't matter. The software has the potential to recover permanently deleted data too.

GPT Partition Recovery

GPT Partition Data Recovery

To recover lost GPT partitions, software has come up with its Partition Data Recovery mode. Using this mode, users can easily retrieve data from GPT partitions, without any problems at all.

Recover Formatted GPT Partition

GPT Formatted Data Recovery

The software has the competency to recover data, vanished from both formatted drives and partitions, without any alterations. Use this mode to recover formatted GPT partition and retrieve all the data lost from this partition.

Recover Data Up to 3TB

Unlimited File Size Supported

The software is tested to retrieve data from hard disk drives, sized upto 3TB and above, with complete accuracy. The software competently scan, recover and restore all kinds of data ; documents, spreadsheets, audio, videos, photos, pdf etc.

Perview of Recover GPT Data

Preview of Recovered Data

The software provides users with the options to first preview the recovered data, before proceeding to further save the retrieved files.

Save Data

Save Data in Desired Location

Once the files are recovered, they need to be saved further. The software provides users with the option to save the recovered data in desired location of their choice.

Windows OS

Windows Supportive tool

A complete Windows Tool, GPT Data Recovery Software has the capability to restore deleted GPT partition from all Windows operating systems, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GPT Data Recovery

Will it recover PDF documents from formatted GPT ?
Yes, using the formatted Data Recovery option, you can easily recover your files saved in any format, including PDF too.
Is it possible to recover data from deleted GPT partition?
Yes, it is possible. The software is designed to recover deleted GPT partition and restore all the data from it. Use the GPT partition data recovery mode of the software and easily save all the recovered data.
Will this software work on Windows 10 too?
Exclusively designed for Windows, the tool supports all editions of Windows systems, from the earlier editions of 95, 98 to the latest Windows 10 edition.
Is it safe to use this tool for GPT partition recovery?
The software is completely safe to use as it doesn't make any alterations to the recovered data.

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Download Now
Version: 2.3
    Buy Online Now
Price: 49 USD