Privacy Policy

Privacy is a very essential feature for you as well as for us. So here's our privacy policy stating the circumstances when and where we collect, use and accumulate your personal information. It's a mutual act of trust between clients and the company, failing which, the company will take legal action against the violators of privacy policy. Selling, renting and distributing of any information in any way is an act of punishable offence. Use of this information is strictly for company use only, fulfilling our obligations to the clients.

Collecting Personal Information:

Personal information is required only at the time of purchase of the product, otherwise users can freely browse anywhere in the site without revelation of any kind of details. The information required (though important for users) is also vital for the company because all this personal information is needed at the time of placing the order, confirming the order, sending the license keys and after sales services. All this information is needed to avoid any kind of misuse of the software.

Placing the Order Online:

While placing the order, Client's name, e-mail ID, address, phone number etc are required. A confirmation mail will be e-mailed to the email address provided at the time of order placement. Once the order is confirmed, License key will also be sent.

Support Team

If you want to contact our support team or chat with our experts, you need to provide your email-ID and other information, without these details there is no other way to contact them. E-mail is the only medium to get in touch with the support team and attending live chat sessions.

Surveys & Contests

We value your opinions and thoughts. So we conduct surveys and contests for you to participate, where you need to share your personal experience. All this data is needed to send notifications to the winners. The gathered information is kept safe using network firewalls, maintaining the confidentiality and averting unauthorized access.


To ensure secure and confidential online transactions, all the precautionary measures are abide by the company. Privacy policy is strictly practiced for security of the personal credit information collected. RecoverBits can't be held responsible for any breach of confidentiality.

Follow us for any Updates

We have every right to update or make changes to the existing privacy policy, at our own discretion. Any changes done, will be posted on this page. To keep yourself updated, keep visiting us.