Refund Policy

When a user place order online for any product, then that order is processed through the Secure Socket Layer. This SSL is used for providing protection to pages with encrypted data and transmitted to client through a safe server. This phenomenon provides online shopping with guaranteed security.

Authorized Reseller

Authorized Reseller has signed a contract with RecoverBits for any independent business to resell the products of RecoverBits. The list of Authorized Resellers is stated on page of RecoverBits.

Section 1.1: Customer

It is a customer who invests to purchase any product of RecoverBits by authorized resellers or by any website of RecoverBits.

Powerful Recommendation to Use Demo

The Demo version is provided for each RecoverBits product for users to understand the working and to check out the efficiency of product whether it is working properly or not. Users should acknowledge that the RecoverBits products are developed after observation for corruption of data while the data isn't recovered accurately. Users have to keep enough space in their machine to run the program and to save recovered files. The developers of RecoverBits products make all conceivable attempts to give you complete satisfaction for retrieval of data.

RecoverBits Instructions for Refund

As in above Section 1.1, the customer is described and all rights are given to the customers for the refund process. The refund request must be claimed within a month from the date of purchasing in the failure of given instructions –

  • That product must be purchased from any RecoverBits site or by an authorized reseller.
  • The RecoverBits won't be answerable for any one of given cases:
    • Any deleted email
    • If you have purchased the software, done the complete retrieval and don't want to use in future.
    • Delay in downloading or to see mails
    • Purchased product isn't suitable for your operating system.
    • Problems to operate software and need not to use in future.
    • Delay to provide license keys of the product due to holidays.
    • Accidental purchasing of product and don't want to get license keys.

Refund is only applicable in following situations

  • If support team of RecoverBits isn't successful to give assistance to customers for providing any solution for your trouble.
  • If the trial version of the product gets the failure to perform the operation completely that is mentioned in product description.

The refund process will be processed when client receives the signed "Letter of Destruction" by email. The emails should be received on ( within a month from purchasing date.

The customer is signified by this Letter of Destruction that highlights the point:

If the purchased product of RecoverBits has been accidentally vanished from your computer, at this stage, allow a technician from RecoverBits to come and check your computer to find out that product is vanished or not. The situation can took place once in a year from purchasing date of software.

Refund procedure will be done within fortnight from the receiving date of Letter of Destruction by the customer and any delay will be informed via emails from RecoverBits.

If you got the licensed version but due to some factors it isn't working properly then we offer a solution in that case.

If the software's licensed version fails to perform the task to retrieve the data, customer can contact for a solution to RecoverBits support team that is available for 24X7. If the problem still exists, even after solving by support team, then your money will be refunded.

Refund is not applicable in the given cases –

  • When the customer goes with RecoverBits product without going with the free trial version in that case the refund isn't possible.
  • If 1/3 part of your complete data has been retrieved by the software of RecoverBits then customer will not be authorized to claim for refund process.